Global Coworking Unconference – Part 2

A panel on real estate was pretty emphatic in saying that coworking would not be a good fit for strip centers and office buildings in a corporate park. The conference tour of Austin’s coworking spaces may require a modification of that statement.

A majority of coworking spaces in Austin and elsewhere are located in downtowns or traditional neighborhood business districts.  These can often be described as districts experiencing redevelopment. They naturally appeal to the creative and independent kind of people who gravitate toward coworking spaces. They tend to be walkable or bikeable areas, have access to transit, and are located close to favorite restaurants, eateries, and social hang-outs. Importantly, too, they are close to home. But what if home is in a suburban area with no traditional center? That’s the case or the northern and southern parts of Austin, where you will find spaces in a strip mall or glass office tower surrounded by parking. There are differences, though. Here is a brief overview of Austin’s coworking spaces.


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