Alamogordo Market Analysis and Strategy

Alamogordo is a case study in complex market analysis, where military transfers will introduce 2,500 new families into the market, which is further complicated by the presence of 7,000 vacation homes. No cheap market report purchased from a data vendor can anticipate conditions like these, but that is where our models shine. Because we define assumptions unique to each community and have the ability to manipulate the variables in our model, we can anticipate unique circumstances that have a significant bearing on market opportunity. In the case of Alamogordo, this means measuring the impact of second home tourim expenditures and accounting for a sudden anticipated growth in the population.

Our analysis found opportunities to attract new lodging, dining, and retail businesses to the community. We recommended strategies to encourage this growth along the primary commercial corridor, pointed out the opportunity to revitalize the downtown business district, and expressed concern for the deteriorating condition of a class C enclosed mall.

Alamogordo Summary

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