Santa Fe Economic Dashboard

The City of Santa Fe was looking for a more convenient way to monitor economic conditions and the impact of its economic development activities. Like many communities, they found it challenging and time consuming to identify available measures, collect the data, and keep it current. We worked with the City to create a comprehensive dashboard tracking general conditions, employment and earnings, business activity, spending and tourism, real estate, and personal well-being.

In total, fifty-two measures are tracked. All of the data is compiled in an Excel spreadsheet. Each table includes a hyperlink to the source to make updating an easy task. The spreadsheet includes a reporting function. Users may select the year and quarter for which they want to generate a report. All calculations are performed and all tables sand charts are automatically generated with the appropriate monthly, quarterly, or annual data. In most cases, ten years of data is reported. Local measures (city or MSA) are contrasted with state and national statistics.

Sample quarterly report: Santa Fe Economic Dashboard (final)

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