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Getting detailed economic information about your community can be difficult. Getting that information for a neighborhood can be nearly impossible. State and Federal sources only report data for selected geographies, and usually suppress a great deal of information in order to maintain confidentiality. On top of that, it can be several years between the time the Census Bureau collects information and the time they eventually publish it.

Place Dynamics has launched a new product that taps alternative data sources that describe economic activity within any area you define. Our Trade and Industry Dynamics is a detailed look at the composition and change in your business community. Information on establishments and employment is provided at the Industry Group (4-digit NAICS) level, including year-to-year change due to expansion or contraction at existing businesses, new business starts, relocations to or from the area, and new branch establishments.

This information is an invaluable resource for economic development planning, industry targeting, understanding the environment for entrepreneurship, and more. Follow the link for a full description (pdf file) of this novel new product.

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